Our Services

Debt Collection

Collecting payments from clients is crucial but can often be challenging and time-consuming. Our services encompass the following

  • Verification of contact information.
  • Professional communication with clients via email and phone.
  • Resolution of disputes or conflicts.
  • Arrangement and monitoring of payment plans, if necessary.
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements.

By entrusting Tier One with these tasks, you can focus on your core business and strategic goals while ensuring effective debt collection.

Accounts Receivable Management

We help businesses implement successful accounts receivable processes to secure timely payments and minimize late payments. Our approach includes

  • Systematic monitoring and proactive follow-up.
  • Identification and resolution of billing issues hindering prompt payment.
  • Implementation of measures to expedite payment processing.

With our expertise, you can optimize your accounts receivable management and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Billing Process Review

Our team conducts a thorough review of your billing process to ensure compliance with client requirements. We collaborate with you to streamline the bill review and payment process, identifying areas for improvement or modification. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and facilitate seamless interactions with your clients.

Cash Applications

Efficient cash application is critical to accurate financial tracking. Tier One offers cash application services, including

  • Comprehensive review of remittances received from customers or clients.
  • Accurate matching of payments to appropriate invoices.
  • Temporary coverage for in-house cash application specialists.

Whether you require long-term support or short-term assistance during absences, we ensure meticulous cash application to maintain financial accuracy.